Eastvale Girls Softball Association

Managers COE Spring 2018

Manager Code of Ethics


1. I will act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times and will not engage in any derogatory actions, both on and off the field of play.

2. I will not insult, verbally or physically attack a fellow coach, manager, player, umpire, board member or spectator on or off the field of play.

3. I will abide by and enforce the rules and regulations of this league.

4. I will maintain the finances of my team with honesty and integrity.

5. I will put the welfare of my athletes above all else and will maintain a professional relationship with them. I will treat players, coaches, managers, umpires, board members and spectator’s with dignity and respect at all times.

6. I will continuously strive to enhance my coaching abilities by educating myself in the newest coaching principles and techniques and do my best to understand the rules of play both ASA/EGSA rules of play.

7. I will encourage and demand that the players exhibit sportsmanship at all times.

8. I understand that the manager and coaches are role models for their players and should project a good example for them to follow.

9. I will be truthful about all issues as they relate to league operations.

10. I will be vigilant in my efforts to control the fans of my team and to educate them in the Code of Conduct/Ethics.

11. I shall demonstrate the utmost respect and professionalism when representing the EGSA at all games, tournaments or other team events.

12. I will be reasonable in my expectations of the player’s time, energy, enthusiasm, and abilities.

13. I will address any displeasure with the actions of another coach, manager, umpire, board member or spectator through the proper channels and in a professional manner.

14. I shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, talent level, sexual orientation, age, national or ethnic origin, or qualified handicapped or disabled persons.

15. I shall make every effort to meet all League Deadlines for important documentation and or monies related to my Team

16. I will adhere to the Mandatory Badge Policy that badges must be worn at all times of play and practice, I understand that if I do not have my badge I can be subject to be removed from the field of play/practice until my badge is displayed

17. If I am removed from the field of play/practice for any reason, I will exit the field of play/practice without being aggressive or derogatory to any JCSD official, Umpire, Board Member, Parent, Coach or Spectator.

18. I understand there will be mandatory Managers/Coaches meeting that I will be asked to attend on a Monthly basis and will do my best as part of my Manager/coaches commitment to attend.

19. I understand that at any point of the current season that if I violate any of the 18 code of Ethics, I could be disqualified for consideration to be an All-star Manager/Coach in the current and future seasons, if I submit an application to do so.


Please direct questions to:

Ed (Woody) Wood

Player Agent Director